‘Spend time with the right people to achieve success,’ states Tom Harris of London Sales Execs

Taking time to reflect on his career success, Managing Director at London Sales Execs, Tom Harris argues that it was the people he chose to surround himself with that drove his success.

Award-winning business owner, Tom Harris credits much of his success to the network that he built. The passionate business coach and mentor is urging aspiring professionals to focus on spending time with the right people to achieve success.

From Melbourne, Australia, Mr Harris entered the sales and marketing industry with zero experience. After high school the London Sales Execs Managing Director started a boiler making apprenticeship; however, he quickly left after failing to see any long-term progression opportunities.

Growing up, Mr Harris was an avid sports fan, playing basketball and AFL. This led the business owner to pursue a career as a personal trainer, combining his love of sports and fitness. He secured a job running the gym for a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, sailing around the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. This ignited a passion for travelling, and Mr Harris travelled to the UK, touring the country in a van before deciding it was time to get back to work. He wanted a job where he could have fun, compete and grow, and sales seemed to tick all those boxes.

“Initially, I was nervous about working on commission because at that time my biggest concern was a reliable paycheck. However, within the first three days, I saw multiple people exceed the targets. I knew if they could do it, so could I. I just had to spend time with the top performers and copy what they did,” commented Mr Harris.

The business owner started to spend every spare moment with his business mentor and top performers in the business, becoming a sponge and absorbing as much information as possible. This decision saw Mr Harris rapidly progress his business development, and within 16 short months, he opened his own business.

“My advice to anyone starting out in a new career is to spend time around the right people. This will help you grow both personally and professionally,” continued Mr Harris.

At London Sales Execs they urge their workforce to make networking a priority. The sales specialists believe that people become who they spend time with, therefore forging a network of successful people will see them become a success.

“We believe in creating a culture of continuous learning. We take what works for the best and share it with the rest, almost daily we have workshops happening across the company to give people a chance to learn, grow and develop,” commented Mr Harris.

London Sales Execs is on a mission to change the way sales is perceived. They are a diverse group with one common goal: achieve the best possible outcome for clients through meaningful, face-to-face connections, delivered by its force of talented customer communicators. Mr Harris is urging aspiring professionals to spend time with the right people if they want to achieve success.

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