A Job With London Sales Execs

Working with London Sales Executives means camaraderie, enthusiasm and personal growth.

Whether you’re a University Graduate, school leaver or a fully

fledged professional already, London Sales Executives gives you the

opportunity to shape the career you want…

Or find the one you didn’t know you could have.

Sales Executive

Want more than just a job?

A sales executive can be whatever you want it to be. Work in motivated teams, gain skills, get out of comfort zones, personal and professional development, there is something for everyone.

Discover your potential. Travel, make friends for life. Develop sales skills, people skills and drive that you never knew you had.

Go from zero to hero. Start out in a sales executive team, learn to present information, strike up conversations out of thin air, become an expert at reading body language, get ready, because these skills can take you far…

Training like no other. We need people with drive, grit, and ambition. People who have the discipline, focus and follow through to achieve their goals. You bring the raw materials and we will provide world-class training to get your career in sales moving faster than you could ever imagine.

Start your Story!

Sales Team Leader

Rise and shine!

You have mastered the basics and now its time to take the lead. You probably won’t feel ready, but no there’s no time like the present!

It’s time to mean something. Help others unleash their potential, become a mentor and a friend. Push others to become great and ask of them only what you ask of yourself.

This is leadership. To lead by example. Teaching and training others in sales will be a big chunk of your new responsibility, but you can never forget where you came from.

Hit the books. Being a leader means staying one step (or more) ahead of your team. More training is on its way, start managing sales figures, develop public speaking skills to train groups, finding new ways to get better results, we are looking for continuous improvement.

A finger on the pulse. You will be leading your team from the front, demonstrating how to pitch products, close sales and meet targets. As you develop your leadership skills, they will follow.

Think you’re made of the right stuff?

Sales Co-Ordinator

Can you lead the leaders?

Field tested, and a proven track record in both sales and leadership means you can now take your next step.

Pay it forward. The skills you have gained make you a hugely valued asset. You know what works and what doesn’t. You know how to get the job done. With your coaching and mentoring the people around you have begun to flourish, some beginning their own leadership career, all because you choose to stand up and be counted.

Train the trainers. You cant do it all on your own. Now the teams get bigger and the problems more complex. You will learn how to delegate, give feedback and become the conductor of your very own sales symphony. Identify key players in the team and develop their skills to help you manage this new responsibility.

The numbers don’t lie. You will learn to review campaign data, drive sales figures and create new marketing and sales strategy to give your team the edge.

Sales Management

Big time, baby!

Welcome to the big time. This won’t have been an easy journey but, boy, was it worth it.

Run the show. Now you’re calling the shots. You chose your client, your sales channel, the sales strategy. Time to see what you got.

Client facing. You will be the bridge between the client and sales campaign that will rock their world. Identify their needs and create a sales strategy.

Plan, execute and improve.

Have a vision. It’s your job to know where we are going. For your team, and for your client. Drive yourself and your team to achieve results that haven’t been seen before. You can’t be content with ordinary, that’s not why clients come to you.

Clients come to you because you have the first experience and the courage to get the job done.