London Sales Execs Tom Harris Reveals what it takes to become a Top Performer

Becoming a top performer is vital for achieving extraordinary success argues London Sales Execs. Managing Director, Tom Harris has revealed what it takes to become a top performer.

As a committed business coach and mentor, Mr. Harris has a wealth of experience nurturing and developing talent. The award-winning entrepreneur has revealed what it takes to become a top performer.

  1. Work Ethic

Becoming a top performer isn’t just about one thing; however, work ethic is often what differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful. Mr. Harris argues that becoming a top performer requires people to put the work in every day, boasting such a role requires consistent effort.

  1. They seek constructive criticism

Top performers understand that to progress, feedback is vital. Research conducted by The Harvard Business Review found that 50% of high performers meet with a manager for a performance report at least once a month. Mr. Harris urges aspiring professionals to seek regular feedback and act on constructive criticism to boost their performance.

  1. Student Mentality

Top performers understand that lifelong learning is pivotal to success. They have an incredible student mentality and absorb all available information. They recognise that knowledge is power and they don’t become complacent. London Sales Execs Managing Director, Tom Harris has cultivated an environment of development. The firm offers regular educational workshops and seminars, specifically designed to help the firm’s contractors to expand their knowledge and skill-set.

  1. They break out of their comfort zone

Top performers recognise that to achieve excellent results; they need to expand comfort zones. “If you want to be a top performer, get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” commented Mr. Harris.

The London Sales Execs director argues that people can only experience great success if they are willing to embrace feeling uncomfortable and try new things. At London Sales Execs they help their contractors build confidence to break out of their comfort zone and push themselves.

  1. Positive attitude

Top performers not only have a positive attitude, but they possess the ability to maintain that attitude when things go wrong. “Top performers have a glass half full mentality and always think positive, this allows them to see the opportunity in every situation and get the desired results,” argues Mr. Harris.

London Sales Execs is committed to helping develop the next generation of industry leaders. Managing Director, Tom Harris is urging aspiring entrepreneurs to practice the above habits to become a top performer.

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