London Sales Execs hosts workshop on the four cornerstones of success

People often question the secret to success. A simple Google search for the term generates a staggering 367,000,000. London Sales Execs believe success can be pinpointed to four cornerstones. Here, the sales and marketing experts have shared the four pillars that lead to success.

In life, there are two types of people, talkers, and doers. The doers possess four specific attributes that are the cornerstones of success. London Sales Execs are keen to reveal how to master the four foundations to maximise opportunities in business.

Desire – London Sales Execs believe that desire is the main driver of success. Having a burning desire to achieve something will spur someone through setbacks and challenges. The London based sales firm believe that when people take the time to identify their personal values and purpose, it fills them with the desire to achieve their goals.

“Having a sales target to meet can seem intimidating, especially when in a new role, but remember that hitting targets is part of moving forward. The question to ask yourself is, by achieving this target, am I getting closer to my desired outcome? If the answer is yes, then let’s get excited about tackling that challenge!”, said Tom Harris, Managing Director of London Sales Execs.

Direction – To reach a destination, it’s important to plan the route to get there. Having a direction enables individuals to plot out their journey and set goals along the way, acting as checkpoints, providing incentives and motivation to keep going.

“I remind our team that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but step by step, our targets, and careers get accomplished in the same manner. As long as we are moving in the right direction, that’s all that matters, no matter how fast or slow,” states Mr Harris.

Discipline – Success requires tremendous discipline. London Sales Execs firmly believe that discipline is one of the most important foundations to achieve success. Discipline instills focus and determination to achieve goals.

“Anybody can do the right thing, but far fewer can do it consistently, day in, day out. This is discipline, the ability to keep coming in and doing the right things, even if we don’t see the return on our investment straight away,” commented Mr Harris.

Determination – The road to success is long and winding and can be filled with obstacles. Therefore, it requires great determination to follow through on your goals. Without determination, it can be easy to give up. Having that drive to keep going is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

“Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and the road less travelled is usually a more exciting journey! Rewarding careers are made from a lot of effort that most people on the outside looking in, won’t ever realise. Developing sales skills, leadership and management skills are the same, remember that when we are working hard, we are growing and investing in ourselves.” states Mr Harris.

London Sales Execs has created an environment centered around development. Managing Director, Tom Harris is a passionate business coach and mentor who is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals and reach their potential. The firm is proud to provide a motivating and nurturing environment where they offer their workforce advice and guidance, helping them on their journey to success.

London Sales Execs are confident that once someone masters these four cornerstones, achieving goals will be much easier.

London Sales Execs is on a mission to change the way sales is perceived. They are a diverse group with one common goal: achieve the best possible outcome for clients through meaningful, face-to-face connections, delivered by its force of talented customer communicators.

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