London Sales Execs explain the three-steps to maximising customer acquisitions

Customer acquisition specialists, London Sales Execs have explained the secret to customer acquisition by revealing the three-steps to securing new customers.

Technology is making people more connected. With more customer touchpoints than ever, there is one form of communication that has stood the test of time, face-to-face interactions. London Sales Execs create bold, ambitious sales campaigns delivered by bold, ambitious people. What they do is face to face, and it’s real. This is London Sales Execs USP.

London Sales Execs pride themselves on their ability to form solid customer connections, building relationships and providing their clients with customers who remain loyal to their brand. The firm has revealed the three steps companies can focus on to improve their customer acquisition and retention.

Face-to-Face Interactions

London Sales Execs exclusively use face-to-face sales strategies. Managing Director, Tom Harris argues that human interactions cannot be undervalued. The award-winning entrepreneur believes that face-to-face sales create a personal connection with customers that instils trust and increases brand loyalty.

Customer experience

In today’s world where consumer habits and expectations are continuously changing, customer experience is more important than ever. London Sales Execs believe that their approach to customer acquisitions is integral to their success. Mr Harris places a strong emphasis on creating an outstanding customer experience. The firm does this by providing on-going training to their brand ambassadors, to ensure they can connect, engage and convert.


One of London Sales Execs unique selling points is their ability to take their business on the road. The sales experts are able to set up live events in different cities across the country, exposing their client’s products and services to a new consumer demographic, increasing brand awareness and customer acquisition rates.

Mr Harris contends that advancing technology provides brands with multiple platforms to reach a mass audience; however, he is urging companies not to underestimate the value of in-person interactions.

London Sales Execs is on a mission to change the way sales is perceived. They are a diverse group with one common goal: achieve the best possible outcome for clients through meaningful, face-to-face connections, delivered by its force of talented customer communicators. The firm is urging brands to utilise face-to-face strategies to maximise customer acquisitions.

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