London Sales Execs aiming to attract individuals with a competitive edge

The capital city’s elite sales firm, London Sales Execs, is currently undergoing expansion to meet growth goals for Q4, and the firm is aiming to attract individuals with a competitive edge.

London Sales Execs don’t pre-judge applicants on their education or experience; instead, they seek out individuals with a winning mentality, strong work ethic and critically, a competitive edge. Managing Director, Tom Harris recognises the tremendous benefits that these attributes bring over experience or education.

London Sales Execs argues that competition is an essential aspect of business growth, driving results and productivity.

Award-winning entrepreneur, Tom Harris has revealed the attributes that competitive individuals bring to a business.

1/ Strive to improve

Competitive individuals are always looking to do better; therefore they are continually striving to improve. They are their own benchmark, and they refuse to stop trying to be better.

2/ Creativity

Competitive people are determined to win at all costs, and that forces them to get creative and think outside the box. Creativity is vital to keep moving a business forward.

3/ Self-belief

Competitive individuals believe in their own ability, and that self-belief is critical in business. “If you believe in yourself, anything is possible,” commented Mr Harris.

4/ Attitude

Those with a competitive edge focus on winning and think positive. Having a positive attitude in business is pivotal. Achieving and maintaining a positive attitude no matter the circumstance is what separates the average from the extraordinary.

5/ Motivation

One of the most pivotal attributes of a competitive person is motivation. They are self-motivated, but a level of competition also drives motivation in the team.

Managing Director at London Sales Execs, Tom Harris has extensive experience in coaching and mentoring individuals from diverse educational and occupational backgrounds. The award-winning entrepreneur recognises that individuals who possess a competitive edge are more successful. As the firm undergoes expansion for Q4, the business owner is looking to attract individuals with a competitive edge to help take the business forward.

London Sales Execs create bold, ambitious sales campaigns delivered by bold, ambitious people. They are committed to changing the perception of what sales is. They have big goals for Q4, and they believe that adding individuals with a competitive edge to their talent pool will help them achieve their growth goals.


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