‘Dealing with rejections is character building’ claims Tom Harris of London Sales Execs.

Operating in the sales industry where rejection is a daily occurrence, London Sales Execs claims that dealing with rejection is character building.

In the world of sales, rejection is inevitable. Learning how to deal with rejections and over-turning them is what makes a successful salesperson. Managing Director at London Sales Execs, Tom Harris argues that dealing with rejections is character building and the award-winning entrepreneur is promoting the benefits.

  1. Motivation to do better

Rejection is frustrating; however, it can be an incredible motivator to do better. Motivation is the driving force of success, and without it, the journey can be difficult to complete.

  1. Learning opportunity

After a rejection, it is a good time to reflect and evaluate what could have been done better and identify what went wrong. While there might not always be an apparent reason, rejection provides an opportunity to learn a lesson, and implement the necessary changes to do better next time.

  1. Patience

The road to success is long and winding, and having patience is vital to avoid an early exit. While certain rejections can be overwhelming, it can teach people to be patient and keep going. ‘Success is rarely an overnight thing. It takes persistence and patience, and you will eventually find yourself where you want to be,’ commented Mr Harris.

  1. Mental Strength

Overcoming rejection instils an inner strength, which is vital when navigating the journey to success. At London Sales Execs, they believe that dealing with rejection gives people something to fight for and overcome. Award-winning entrepreneur, Mr Harris believes that rejection shows people how strong, resourceful, and capable they can be, therefore developing mental strength.

  1. Opportunity for growth

London Sales Execs Managing Director, Tom Harris firmly believes that rejection should not be viewed as a negative. The passionate business coach and mentor argues that people should look at rejection as a chance for them to learn and grow as a person. Mr Harris contends that the lessons people learn from rejection can make them stronger and hungrier to achieve success.

London Sales Execs is on a mission to change the way sales is perceived. They are a diverse group with one common goal: achieve the best possible outcome for clients through meaningful, face-to-face connections, delivered by its force of talented customer communicators. Mr Harris argues that if people can view rejection differently and learn how to overcome it, they will propel their career to the next level.

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